Three Stories Coffee Co. is a small batch coffee roastery in Buffalo, NY. Our passion for great coffee and intentional economics led us to start Three Stories Coffee to provide a coffee experience with a conscience. Our Direct Trade, Artisan Roasted, Not-For-Profit coffee is improving Buffalo and beyond, one cup at a time.

Intentional Economics

Intentional Economics is a method of spending money in the most equitable way possible, knowing that our purchases have an impact that goes beyond our simple transactions. At Three Stories Coffee we work hard to ensure that the dollars we spend do as much good in the world as possible. When we consider the impact that our spending can have, we make informed decisions about the products that we buy. Three Stories Coffee is committed to being mindful at every step of our supply chain to provide equitable wages while caring for the environment and investing in service to our community.

Direct Trade

Our green beans are sourced from around the world through DIRECT TRADE relationships with coffee farmers. Purchasing our coffee in this way ensures that suppliers are paid an equitable, living wage for their efforts. Cutting out the middlemen allows for higher incomes for growers, and better access to quality coffee for Three Stories Coffee Co. This relationship with growers also provides specifics and details about the beans that we buy that would be impossible to know otherwise. We will also be able to feature rare and limited release small batch beans from time to time.

Artisan Roasted

Our green beans are roasted with care in small batches to ensure the highest quality and most consistent roast possible. Unlike some larger companies, most of our coffee is roasted to order, so it’s not sitting in bags for weeks at a time waiting to be sold. Three Stories Coffee is roasted in a Hot Air Roaster, which provides a more even roast than larger drum roasters. Our roasters also have greater ability to customize roast times to allow for specific flavor profiles. We currently roast LIGHT and DARK profiles of each of the coffees we offer. Our coffees are roasted with pride in Buffalo, NY.


Three Stories Coffee Co. is an extension of Village Church, a non-denominational Christian Church in Buffalo, NY. All of the proceeds from the sales of coffee benefit the ministries and mission of Village Church and other WNY Charities. Put more simply, this is coffee with a cause. In the same way our direct trade purchasing helps growers, our investment in local ministry and mission activities benefits Buffalo and all of WNY. For more information about the mission and ministry of Village Church or our partners please visit villagechurchbflo.com