Papua New Guinea Kiam

We sourced this PNG coffee through Genuine Origin.

Kiam comes from just a few miles from Marenban, in an area called Banz. It has very similar soil type, and cherry is abundant in the area.

“Kiam is a word related to where you’d go to sharpen a knife — flint,” says Edwards.

While our Marenban refers to the estate, Kiam is actually the wet mill, which receives its cherry from the farms and gardens around Banz.

“Kiam is a very well-run wet mill, with two four-disk pulpers, very large vats for fermenting the coffee and enormous patios — approximately 11 hectares — where the coffee is put out to dry in the sun.”

Flavor: Melon, lemongrass, grape, and caramel 

Body: Full

Acidity: Bright

Image and Info courtesy of Genuine Origin.